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At the heart of iflabs are three things - story, technology and social good.

Our world is changing rapidly and sometimes it can be hard to make sense of what to do next. This is where imagination and story come in. While imagination opens up our perceived  possibilities, story gives us a road map of how to get there.


Technology - Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality these are all technologies that are changing our world. They are complex and sometimes difficult to understand but it is imperative that we do understand both how they work and the implications they have on our future.


Social Good - It is easy to see that the capitalist paradigm is shifting, that people are beginning to want more than just to consume, that purpose over profit is becoming a reality. That is why at if labs our purpose is to contribute to valuable social change.

about claire marshall

Claire Marshall has a love for stories, technology and social good. An award-winning creative her work melds story-telling, futures thinking and experiential learning to help people understand how complex technologies and changing world views can alter our future.

She is the founder of If Labs, a company that explores our imagined futures through workshops, events and experiences. Her most recent work includes the Museum of Futures a travelling exhibition exploring our different futures with climate change, an audio tour of the future for the World Wildlife Fund and the Human Robot Friendship Ball for the Vivid festival. She teaches envisioning futures at UTS for the Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation and Cultural Leadership at UNSW.

She is an experienced speaker and facilitator, and has presented at conferences such as Ouishare (Paris), Re:publica (Berlin) and Disrupt (Sydney).
She is a passionate advocate for the 'true' sharing economy and is a founding member of The Sharing Map Project. She also sits on the board of Mercury Centre co-operative and is a trustee at the Awesome Foundation. 

claire's info:


Skype - claire.marshall6

about mel rumble

Mel Rumble is a Sydney-based strategic designer, futures researcher and UX/digital producer with a background in futures, design, strategic foresight, environmental education and science communication.

Recently, Mel graduated with a Masters of Strategic Foresight, and she’s now turning her attention fully to projects that call on her futures/foresight, human-centred design and systems thinking skills.

Mel is also an Associate at Little Owl, an ethical tech consultancy, design studio and miniature startup incubator.

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