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Event creator and co-ordinator
City of Canada Bay
16 June 2017

The Human Robot Friendship Ball

Are you a robot who likes humans, or a human who likes robots? Join us for Sydney's inaugural Human Robot Friendship Ball as part of Vivid Ideas. Celebrate the bonds between man and machine, by meeting some of Sydney’s coolest robots and trying your skills at a range of hands-on activities. To top it all off, you can participate in an epic human robot dance or show your friendship in the human robot friendship booth. This fun event celebrates the friendship of robot and humans both young and old.

In the beginning of 2017 I was commissioned by Joy Suliman, learning space co-ordinator at the Connection in Rhodes, to help create a Robot Day for the City of Canada Bay's new event space The Connection's Vivid Program.


Together we conceived of three events for the day. In the morning a professional development workshop for teachers, librarians and anyone who owned a NAO robot in changes to the NAO programming, and some special guests showing what the little NAOs can do. This included an appearance from the UNSW Robocup Challenge team. 


The second event was a panel entitled Our Robot Future and featuring guests such as: Mark Pesce, Angie Abdilla, Kate Dunne, Wade Marynowsky and William Judge.


Finally the last event for the day was the Human Robot Friendship Ball. It was an amazing night with robots from University of Western Sydney, the Creative Robotics Labs at UNSW, The Brainary, FIRST, and many more.

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