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Theresa Anderson You + AI
Rob Wijnberg Roundtable Photos by Leah Lucas 15 Sept 2017 5N7A5052
Blockchain Creative Cluster #1 5 July 2016 Photo Leah Lucas IMG_6152
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Design and Facilitate Workshops

Do you want to explore a new technology? Or ask a really big question?


I can design and facilitate a workshop or workshop series for a large or small group. Using a combination of design thinking, and transition design, I can design a workshop that suits the needs of your topic and your audience (and is fun too). With great contacts in many disruptive industries I can also source great guest speakers. And if you want to add something a little bit different to the mix talk to me about designing a game just for you.


Example: The Future of Journalism , Blockchain for Social good



Build Experiences

Do you want to create an experience that inspires people’s imagination? Me too! The best way to explore a topic is often through an experience not a workshop or talk. Not sure what an experience might be - think an audio tour of the future? Or a Human Robot Friendship Ball?


Example: Future Walk Sydney



Public Speaking

Do you have an event and need an inspiring public speaker or MC? My areas of expertise are the sharing / collaborative economy and “Time to get with the future” - a basic introduction to the technologies that are changing our world. I am also an experienced MC and would be delighted to host your panel discussion.


Example: Disrupt Talk 

Example: Vivid panel


Game Design

Do you want something different for your next event? How about a game? I have co-designed a number of games for specific topics and audiences and can design one for you. I am also happy to facilitate any of the games that I have already created.




Do you want to know more about how your business can get involved with the sharing / collaborative economy? Let’s meet for coffee and have a chat, and if I can help you in a direct way then we can talk about a consulting service.



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