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Change the world,
Change the story!


Impact Teams Lab will bring together storytellers, researchers and community activators to cross-pollinate ideas and pitch new stories which address climate change and inclusion to industry leaders and policy makers. Applications are open now and available for free, with support from Screen Rights


Lab co-founder, futurist and content producer Claire Marshall -

“Stories do three things, they frame how we see the world, they influence our identity and they guide our actions. Stories shape the world because they shape us and our relationships to everything around us. They can encourage us to aspire to individual accomplishment or collective flourishing.  They can open up or limit our ideas on what is possible. This lab is a chance to explore with a team of like minded people, the power and possibility of different stories shaping different futures.”


Award-winning writer, director, facilitator and playwright Katrina Irawati Graham - 

“Storytelling is an immensely exciting and powerful tool in creating change. But first we have to be willing to understand what stories we are already telling, how they land within our bodies and to decide how they might heal or hurt us.  I’m excited to facilitate dynamic discussions with grassroots changemakers, researchers, resistors and dreamers so we can all tell stories for a better world.” 


Emmy award-winning producer Cate McQuillen - 

​​”Sharing story to create impact is my thing, but Impact Teams Lab gives us the opportunity to elevate that idea, taking it somewhere new. Bringing together writers, producers, researchers and actionists to collaborate and codesign is the next evolutionary step in accelerated change-making”


Impact Teams Lab will tackle the biggest issues of our times, including climate change, discrimination and racism. Across 6 sessions, participants will challenge their own beliefs and work together to flip these narratives of separation. Teams will have the opportunity to co-create stories and ways of working that envision and call us all to a better world. 


Thanks to funding from Screen Rights this is a free opportunity, places are limited - Apply today:


Media Contact:

For interviews, images and media enquiries contact

Claire Marshall
Phone: 0433 45 1000

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