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Impact Teams Lab

Welcome to Impact Teams Lab. We are so glad you are here, and we are excited about our journey together over the next 6 weeks.  We will be exploring some big ideas, challenging our own perceptions and co-creating with one another; ideas, frameworks and perspectives on how we can take action on climate change and equity, that we will share with industry experts and change-makers in the final session.

This lab will have 2 main components each week:

1. Content: A selection of pre-recorded content created and curated by the mentors for you to engage with before the Wednesday session. This should take you approximately 1 hour to engage with. 

2. Discussion: The gathering on Wednesday for 2 hours of discussion and ideation. We will be exploring the topics and ideas covered in the pre-recorded content and working in groups. Sometimes our special guests will join us.

Below is the map of the topics we will be covering and some of the guests we will be speaking to.

Sitting by Campfire

The shortest distance between two people is a story


Gather round the Campfire: Connecting with Heart

This will be our first week together and we will be focused on getting to know one another. The content section will provide you with an opportunity to hear from the organiser Claire Marshall and mentors Katrina Irawati Graham and Cate McQuillen. You will also get the chance to explore short videos created by you and your lab cohort. A chance to get to know one another before we meet online on Wednesday.


What is the story that needs changing?

This week we will be exploring the current state of things, by examining the dominant stories, and why they need changing. Claire Marshall with First Nations poet Nicole Smede will explore how capitalism and 'the story of separation' has led to our disconnection from nature and each other.


Cate McQuillen will speak to Claire O'Rourke and Larissa Baldwin and share content from Professor Lesley Hughes as she examines the stories that need to change for us to take effective climate action.

Katrina Irawati Graham will speak to Ana Tiwary and Sam Watson as they together explore how capitalism has impacted our bodies.

Colorful Threads

Facts don't make a story but they feed it

Typewriter Keys

If you want to change the world change the stories. Charles Eisenstein


Transformational Storytelling (Seeds)

This week we will explore how we shift narratives through transformational story-telling. Recognising that who tells the story matters. We'll hear from Professor Chris Riedy on frameworks for transformational storytelling, and Ljudan Michaelis-Thorpe on how transformational storytelling can be used in practice.

Katrina Irawati Graham will speak to the team at Bus Stop films about how they are changing stories.

Cate McQuillen will speak to Costa Georgiadis, Anjali Sharma and Katie Patrick on their takes on creating stories for transformation.


What we measure matters 

This week we will be exploring how we measure impact in more holistic and expansive ways to create change. You'll hear from Erica Rosenthal about how they are measuring narrative change in Hollywood and from Debra Verhoeven about measuring equity (in particular gender equity) on Australian screens.

Cate McQuillen will talk to Katie Patrick, Claire Kneller and Simon Holmes a Court about measuring impact in the climate space.

Katrina Irawati Graham will talk to Beatrice (sorry Katrina I didn't write down her last name).

Community Garden

05 Stories and Communities

This week we will explore the relationship between stories and communities. We'll explore how we are all members of different communities and that this relationship must dynamic not extractive. We will hear from Rachel Edwardson on a framework for empowering communities through the film-making process and Ruby Thorburn on building resilient communities.

Katrina Irawati Graham will talk to xxx

Cate McQuillen will talk to Wayne Denning, Anna Kaplan Costa



This week is our last week and we will be sharing our insights, ideas, frameworks and perspectives with members of the screen and impact community. 

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