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Community Garden

Week 5: Stories and Communities

Welcome to week five. This is our last formal content week. It is really exciting to see how your ideas are progressing. This week there is no video from me, instead Cate and Katrina have some great content exploring how we can change, deepen and maybe even reimagine the relationship between screen stories and the communities they come from or serve.

Claire Marshall: Welcome and Acknowledgement

(4 mins)



Ruth De Souza : 
(30 mins)


Ruth de Souza

I am currently a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow at RMIT University, based in the School of Art and Design and Creative Practice Enabling Capability Platform. I am a nurse, academic and community engaged researcher in gender, race, health and digital technologies. My Fellowship will engage health professionals in finding new ways to understand, co-design and implement sustainable cultural safety initiatives in a range of health contexts in response to health inequities. I also have an Honorary Senior Research Fellow role at The Centre for Digital Transformation of Health at The University of Melbourne and my own consulting practice.



Ruby Thorburn : 
(30 mins)


Ruby Thorburn

RubyThorburn is an activist, permaculture teacher, refugee advocate and co-founder of Growing Fourward Meanjin. Growin Forward is an anti-capitalist, anti-racist urban farming mutual aid initiative that developed in response to COVID-19 and increasing rates of natural disaster. Ruby is deeply concerned with addressing the root causes of social and environmental breakdown and spendsher energy building community and resisting the state.




Hey Lab-sters

It’s our last week of content sharing, and I may have overdone it …a bit . But who can blame me.


Feel free to pick and choose but my highlights and must-sees are…

Claire Kneller - mighty double hatted changemaker…soooo much here but gotta love the fridge and wardrobe of the future and how they can be incorporated in screen story telling. Looking at change with a fresh pair of eyes!


Costa Georgiadis … a series of 3 conversations…3 yarns with purpose and without. if you have to choose, pick Part 2… a deep dive into community, impact, sea weed and godwits. If you have time and the willingness to join our ramble… jump into our ‘get to the heart’ yarn - tit explores the heart led story and lots of things that two friends feel the need to share… not for people who love an organised conversation but so delicious for the golden thread weavers amongst you

For extra points watch the third and glean some more. This is Costa way beyond the boundaries of Gardening Australia…diving deep into the issues and solutions, the energy needed and what is an unfair ask of kids.

Maddy Braddon.. a rarity in the world of guest speakers…a young woman. Maddy tells me she isn’t very good at speaking in public and then goes right ahead to prove herself wrong. A multiple Lismore flood resilience leader, her wisdom and guidance for us is glorious. She is vulnerable and trusting as she shares her life story, of how she arrived in Lismore and of her young mother’s love and wisdom. We hear her story of resilience grow her commitment to community service  and care of country. She shares her deep respect for our first Nations People and the way she navigates the hardest of ideas with compassion , love , passion, and determination. I never imagined this would be the conversation we would be having… but in the quest for the  purposeful yarn ,.. I am grateful that we did.


What has this got to do with stories that change the world?…you tell me!


Yes, I know… my highlights are all of them! LOL.





Weaving the Golden threads into the garment of your lab experience. Come with me on this. 

  • Look back at your notes, mine your mind or watch back your most impactful videos.

  • Draw out and share the golden threads …creating your own weave of your selections of lab content. 

  • What stood out, informed you deeply ,changed how you thought ,challenged you ,supported you. 

  • What are you going to carry forward. 

  • What will you never forget. 

  • What do you want to share with the people at our campfire.

  • How does changing the story…changing the story tellers…change the world?

  • What garment have you woven ? A shawl , a hoody, a dress, a shirt, a sarong…????

  • Write the story of your golden threads and create a garment based on how you feel to ‘wear/’bring to the campfire. 


PS not actually…this is a creative writing exercise.


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