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How to get
out of your head


Capitalism shapes how we see the world

Capitalism is said to be an economic system and a political theory, but it is more than that, it is a set of beliefs - creeds if you like that shape how we see the world.

How to Get Capitalism Out of Your Head, is a talk done by Nicole Smede and Claire Marshall, but also the books that Claire Marshall is planning to write (with Nicole Smede) based on her doctoral research.

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Stuff so far

Feb 2023 Impact Teams Lab

December 2023 Woodford

Sometime soon in 2024

Claire and Nicole jammed together, and came up with the first iteration of this talk, based on the 5 creeds of Capitalism that Claire has been researching. You can watch it here.

Nicole and Claire performed the second iteration (with a positive counter section) to a capacity crowd at Woodford Folk Festival. In a wonderful stroke of luck this was recorded by Andy at In Your Face Productions. We'll let you know when the video is up.

Claire and Nicole create a newsletter / mailing list for people to find out where this project is going. Do you have any thoughts or ideas? Let us know at

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