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Sitra Mega trends

Sitra is an active Finnish fund for the future that was gifted the the Finnish people by the Parliament on the country's 50th anniversary. It brings together researchers and partners from different sectors to compile trends and mega trends and to do research into important issues that will shape the future. Sitra is independent of Finnish government, instead reporting directly to parliament.

Institute for the Future - Topical Research Collections

The Institute for the Future is an American organisation that does great deep research into different areas. They work with most of the Fortune 500 companies and provide really interesting analysis of industry level change.


Future Today Institute (Tech trends)

The Future Today Institute releases their trend report yearly to coincide with SXSW (the US version). It is a good breakdown of tech trends with questions for management and ways to prepare.


CSIRO / Data 61 Trends


[other links]

Evaluating the foresight capacity of your organisation

This is a great document from the Institute for the Future about evaluating the Foresight Capacity of your organisation


Museum of Futures

My project that I briefly mentioned. This is an example of experiential futures. Have a walk through the Virtual Gallery and see what futures other communities dream of.

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